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A Playboy lingerie pictorial refers to a feature or spread within Playboy magazine that focuses specifically on showcasing lingerie. It typically involves a series of photographs or images featuring models or celebrities wearing various lingerie pieces.

In a Playboy lingerie pictorial, the models are often photographed in seductive poses and settings that highlight the allure and sensuality of the lingerie garments. The images aim to capture the beauty, elegance, and sex appeal associated with lingerie, while also embodying the distinctive Playboy aesthetic.

The pictorial may showcase different styles of lingerie, such as bras, panties, corsets, teddies, and more. The lingerie pieces chosen for the pictorial are typically carefully selected to represent a mix of sophistication, glamour, and playfulness that aligns with the Playboy brand.

Playboy lingerie pictorials are known for their high production values and attention to detail, with an emphasis on showcasing the models in an alluring and captivating manner. The photographs often feature luxurious settings, flattering lighting, and artistic compositions to create visually stunning images that celebrate the beauty and allure of lingerie.